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  • Les Petits Baigneurs

    brand identity / printLes Petits Baigneurs (p) Prev projectALL RISKAll Projects(n) Next projectsocial media posts designs business card design for a kids


    brand identity / printALL RISK (p) Prev projectMyrto Dramountani Fashion DesignerAll Projects(n) Next projectLes Petits Baigneurs ALL RISK is an insurance company.

  • ALOV brand identity

    brand identity / web designALOV brand identity (p) Prev projectSHOPELL marketplaceAll Projects(n) Next projectMyrto Dramountani Fashion Designer ALOV is a brand with

  • SHOPELL marketplace

    brand identity / web designSHOPELL marketplace (p) Prev projectPoster designAll Projects(n) Next projectALOV brand identity SHOPELL marketplace is an online eshop where

  • Poster design

    printPoster design (p) Prev projectmy urban dropsAll Projects(n) Next projectSHOPELL marketplace Poster design for:*nursery room *kids room*home*office*decoration shop here shop here shop here

  • my urban drops

    brand identitymy urban drops (p) Prev projectSPANOS SAAll Projects(n) Next projectPoster design Designing a brand from scratch is adventurous, fun & challenging!My


    printSPANOS SA (p) Prev projectMAT LAND constructionsAll Projects(n) Next projectmy urban drops Designing promotional & Christmas gifts for Spanos SA{Mini Cooper +

  • MAT LAND constructions

    brand identityMAT LAND constructions (p) Prev projectFathomAll Projects(n) Next projectSPANOS SA MAT LAND  is a trendy construction company. They needed an identity to

  • Fathom

    brand identityFathom (p) Prev projectproduct designAll Projects(n) Next projectMAT LAND constructions Fathom is a wealth management company with clients all over the