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  • rockland constructions

    digitalrockland constructions (p) Prev projectsifnosAll Projects(n) Next projectEnd of year memory book for nursery school Rockland Oneill is a construction company based

  • sifnos

    printsifnos (p) Prev projectwedding graphic & web design elementsAll Projects(n) Next projectrockland constructions These brochures & materials were designed for promotional purposes

  • animated designs

    digitalanimated designs (p) Prev projectpackaging designAll Projects(n) Next projectkids parties invitation & decorations animations for multiple projects!these are made with photoshop animation

  • packaging design

    printpackaging design (p) Prev projectSanosil web designAll Projects(n) Next projectanimated designs packaging design for multiple projects! Let’s work together on your next

  • Sanosil web design

    web designSanosil web design (p) Prev projectZAFEIRIS TEXTILESAll Projects(n) Next projectpackaging design Sanosil is a company located in Dubai, UAD distributing disinfectant


    brand identity / printZAFEIRIS TEXTILES (p) Prev projectPHAREAll Projects(n) Next projectSanosil web design The company ´ZAFEIRI ‘ gets involved with the fabric

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